Due Diligence (Vendor / Buyer)
• Financial due diligence
• Tax Due Diligence
• Analysis of risks and opportunities arising from purchasers view and possible weaknesses points from view the of seller
• Identification of relevant assessment (=> purchase price), or contract-related matters
  (=> Warranties, representations)
• obtaining information on value drivers and potential synergies
• (Preliminary) transformation of the financial statements from HGB to IFRS

Analysis of the effects of an acquisition
• Accretion / Dilution Analysis (impact on financial statements of the acquirer), taking account of
  - How to finance the purchase price
  - Tax Structure of the acquisition
  - Allocation of the purchase price (intangible, tangible assets, pension accruals, latent
    Taxes, goodwill)
  - IFRS - impact assessment, i.e., Updating the deviations GAAP / IFRS

• performance indicators and rating analysis
  - Representation of the effects of the acquisition on key rating-relevant metrics
    e.g. Debt, ROI / ROCE, Debt and Interest Cover Ratios

Advice on the structuring of the acquisition
• Fiscal and economic optimization of the acquisition process
• Ensuring the influence of the acquirer, corporate governance issues
• Participate in contract negotiations

Business Valuation
• DCF valuation (WACC or APV approach)
  - Sensitivity to key value drivers, sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis
  - On request, separate presentation and evaluation of individual business segments
• capitalised income value method
• Multiple-comparison-based methods, e.g. EBIT / EBITDA, etc. from comparable transactions, PER or EBIT / EBITDA valuation of listed companies

Fairness Opinion

Purchase price allocation (Purchase Price Allocation - PPA)
• HGB and IFRS
• tax aspects