Tax structuring of corporate transactions
  - Tax Due Diligence
  - Optimizing purchase, sale, succession planning
  - Mergers, Spin-offs etc.
  - Equity- vs. debt-financing
  - Cross-border structuring
Tax structuring
  - Choice of legal form
  - Holding concepts
  - Optimization for foreign shareholders and investors
Tax planning and -optimization
  - Income Taxes (ESt, KSt, GewSt)
  - Value added tax
  - Estate tax
Preparation of financial statements
  - Tax balances
  - Financial statements according to HGB and / or IFRS or U.S. GAAP
Accounting and tax Returns, Compliance
  - Ongoing financial and payroll accounting
  - Monthly or quarterlyVAT returns
  - Annual tax returns (ESt, KSt, GewSt, USt)
Audits and negotiations with tax authorities

  - Monitoring of tax audits, protecting the interests of the client
  - Application for binding information
  - Appeals and litigation in Tax Court proceedings