Conversion of group / accounting systems to IFRS
- Identification, preparation, realisation of accounting issues
- Project support/-management
- Collaboration/consulting strategic issues while conversion (IFRS 1)
- Data-collection, preparation of information, compilation of notes
- Conversion of IT and reporting systems
- Training international
Current preparation of group/individual financial statements acc.  IFRS/US GAAP/BilMoG
- Collaboration/self contained preparation
- Solving issues with auditors
Collaboration/consulting in difficult accounting issues
- Proposal of solutions/structurings
- Expert opinions for presentation to auditor/enforcement institutions
- Examples: reverse acquisition, off-balance leasing, brand accounting
Takeover/collaboration accounting research activities
- Preparation/updates accounting manuals and reporting systems
- Clarification of conceptual issues
- Preparation reg. new standards
- Workshops, training
Audit according international standards (ISA)
- Audit acc. international auditing standards
- Reporting to national/international group auditor